Coping with Life After the Death of a Loved One

Robin Stocksdale, MSW, LCSW-C, CT, Bereavement Services Manager

Grieving the death of a loved one can be a difficult, complex journey. It is a unique process for every individual, with no easy, prescribed path or timetable to follow.  How we feel, what the loss means to us, and the way we choose to cope with our grief – openly or privately, with humor or with sadness, alone or in the company of friends and family – is an experience which differs for each of us.  While no one can tell us what to feel or how to grieve, Gilchrist Hospice Care strives to help survivors better understand and cope with their grief. We believe there is potential in the grief experience for growth and learning.

Gilchrist Hospice Care’s Bereavement Services Department offers services to help surviving family and friends deal with their grief.  Bereavement services are available to families of patients who have been under hospice care, and to families in the community who have suffered a loss.

Individual and Family Grief Counseling – Our licensed, masters-prepared counselors provide counseling at a frequency tailored to the needs of the individual and family.

 Specialized Support Groups – Groups are offered for those who are interested in support of others who have experienced a similar loss.  Groups may include:

  • Widowed Persons/Life Partner Support Group
  • PALS (Parenting after the Loss of a Spouse)
  • Adults with Parental Loss
  • Men’s Group
  • Using Writing as a Healing Tool

Workshops are offered for those who prefer an educational focus.  Workshops may include:

  • Understanding Grief
  • Understanding Grief (Just for Teens)
  • Loss of a Parent
  • Surviving and Thriving After a Loss
  • Coping with the Holidays While You are Grieving

Wellness Day – The Bereavement Department annually offers a one day “retreat” at Sheppard Pratt Conference Center in October with a keynote speaker and breakout sessions for attendees to learn how to care for themselves while grieving.

If we can be of help to you, please contact Gilchrist Hospice Care Bereavement Services at 443-849-8200 or

For additional information about our bereavement program, visit

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