Volunteer Services at Gilchrist Hospice Care

Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones, Volunteer Services Manager, Gilchrist Hospice Care

We at Gilchrist Hospice Care are proud to say we have 400 active volunteers helping to provide the finest in end of life care. 

Through the years it has been stated that volunteers are the “Heart of Hospice.”  Their commitment and compassion make a positive difference in the lives of the patients and families we serve-they are a valuable set of eyes and ears sharing insights and information about patients which are helpful to the hospice team in addressing care concerns and issues as they arise.  Volunteers complete the circle of care offering another facet of the important work we do. 

What kind of volunteer opportunities are there?  Our carefully screened and thoroughly trained volunteers assist patients in their home, in a Long Term Care facility where they reside or at our two inpatient centers by providing companionship, emotional support, spiritual support, letter writing, reading or escorting patients to facility activities.  In addition we have volunteers trained to work with our bereaved clients, or offering pet companionship.

Our award winning end of life doula volunteer program is a program where volunteer doulas sit bedside for up to six hours at a time to provide peace of mind that their loved one will not die alone for families who cannot be there 24 hours a day.   

To quote two of our volunteers:

“The real reward of being a hospice volunteer is that you know you made a difference.  You get tangible proof every day of the difference you make in someone’s life.”  

 “I do see, powerfully, the effect of our presence on the families.  I think these types of programs could transform our society.”

It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this organization for over 16 years first as a Bereavement Counselor and now guiding our volunteers as we continue to grow as a program and organization. To learn more about volunteering at Gilchrist Hospice Care, visit gilchristhospice.org/volunteer or fill out a volunteer training application.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Services at Gilchrist Hospice Care

  1. We all know that hospice care homes are truly one of a kind or they give care for these patients who are dying. And some of them are just volunteers and we all know that volunteers don’t accept payment and its one way of helping others in that way.

  2. As a volunteer for Gilchrist Hospice Care for over five years, I know the services I provide are recognized with gratitude by the patients and their families, and by the staff of GHC. I invite anyone who wants to learn more about volunteering at GHC from the viewpoint of a volunteer to contact me.

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