Nurturing ourselves while we are grieving

Robin Stocksdale,
Bereavement Services Manager


“That people do lose and love, that they do shatter and rebuild… is nothing short of miraculous…the fact that humans can be broken and become stronger at the broken places is one of the most profound and touching of all miracles.”

  Ashley Prend
“Transcending Loss”

Losing someone that we love is an unavoidable and universal experience for all of us.  We may struggle with feelings of sadness, despair and yearning.  We may be sleepless, angry, lack energy and feel physically unwell.  In the midst of our grief, it is important to take good care of ourselves – to be gentle and to nurture ourselves.  To that end, the Bereavement Services Department of Gilchrist Hospice Care is sponsoring a day long Wellness Seminar entitled “How to Nurture Yourself While Grieving” on Saturday, October 22, 2011.  We encourage all who are grieving and in need of nurturing to attend.  For more details visit or e-mail

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