The Beauty of the holiday season

Regina Bodnar, Director of Clinical Services

What a wonderful time of the year!   Beyond the poinsettias that abound, the wrappings and bows, beyond the sparkle of holiday celebrations and festivities, I am reminded once again how the holiday season brings out the best in so many.  I see it in the gracious way that our patients and families welcome Gilchrist staff and volunteers into their homes and their hearts. I see it in the generosity of our volunteers who eagerly share their time and talent in so many ways.  I see it in our hospice teams who have adopted 15 different families this holiday season so that others may have a touch of joy.  I see it in our donors who  continue to generously support  our clinical programs and I see it in our leadership team who each and every day stand firm in their commitment to always do the right thing for the patient.  Thank you to all who demonstrate with conviction the generosity of the human spirit.

The holidays remind me of another lesson learned …that this season of merriment is a tender time for many.  I understand this all too well.  In recent years family members have died on the cusp of the Christmas holidays.  I remember the tug between being present in the moment with them and the pressure to have presents and all the trim for the youngest of our clan.  During these times I learned that there can be beauty in the dependence of end of life, true beauty in caring for those we love.  This lesson for me is, perhaps, the best gift of all.

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