Here I am … send me.

Back: Marilyn Graves, Gilchrist Clinical Nurse Specialist; Debbie Jones, Gilchrist Volunteer Services Manager. Bottom: Don Hohne, Gilchrist Clinical Lead -Spiritual Care, and his wife Karen, a registered nurse.

What does the call upon four hearts, 12 months of planning, 20 hours of flying, and 8,000 miles traveled equal?  Answer — The beginning experience of our next Tanzania Hospice Exchange mission team.  The group departs Baltimore on February 4 for Arusha, Tanzania.  We are two nurses, a chaplain, and our manager of volunteer services who served also for many years as a bereavement counselor.  Although we go with years of accumulated experience we go most importantly with hearts and minds open and eager to learn, to grow, and to serve.

 We depart grateful for the work of the first travel team who ably paved the way and who began the relationships with our friends in Tanzania, relationships that we will continue to nurture.  And we depart grateful for the work and support of so many staff, volunteers, and friends throughout the GBMC and Gilchrist Hospice Care family.

 A Swahili kanga writing reads “Haba na haba, hujaza kibaba”.  This translates as “little and little, fills the measure”.  The most common meaning is that small things when combined together make up big things.  Many things, both small and large, are behind the efforts that support the work of our Tanzanian partners as they care for people at end of life in a resource limited region.  Thank you for all that you do in support of their good work.

 We look forward to sharing our experience.  You can follow us as we travel at


Marilyn, Debbie, Karen, and Don

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