Brenda Blunt, Gilchrist Kids, Clinical Manager

Being a part of the Gilchrist Kids team, has given me the privilege of working with some of the strongest families. I am always amazed at the strength that I witness in families with a child who has a life-limiting or life-threatening disease. I started to wonder what fuels this strength. I realized that each of us has a certain amount of strength and resiliency; however, those traits need to be nurtured on an on-going basis.

I discovered that our families use many different ways of nurturing and rebuilding their strengths. For some, faith and their spirituality help to maintain their strength. Others rely on remaining very active and not slowing down. Family, friends, and community support can also lend to internal strength. These are just a few of the intangible ways our families find their strength and resiliency. The one common way for all of our families though is through the child themselves. Children are amazing and have a wonderful sense of how to live despite what we consider to be hardships or handicaps in life. We encourage families to focus on this ability to live and enjoy life as part of our work. We don’t focus on death or defeat.

As part of this, I encourage our team to live as well and nurture their own strength and resiliency. We have a wonderful job, but it can be tough and requires that we each nurture our own lives and that we allow ourselves to live also. Everyone, no matter what you are facing in life needs a way to nurture that inner strength and resiliency. Find what bolsters you and give yourself some time each day for renewal.



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