Never in a million years

Jill Campbell, Gilchrist Hospice Care RN
Jill Campbell, Gilchrist Nurse

Never in a million years, did I imagine that I’d be asked to assist the Ladies’ Home Journal with an article that puts hospice in the national spotlight — especially since my three years here at Gilchrist are the only ones in my career where I have hospice experience. Prior to Gilchrist, I worked in an OR, in home care with developmentally disabled adults and with an agency specializing in immunizations for travel abroad.

Even though I have a varied nursing career, I finally feel at home as a hospice nurse. It is a perfect fit:Two of my grandparents died while on hospice and I’ve always recalled how one of my instructors from nursing school commented how she did not understand my choice to become an OR nurse – that my compassion and communication skills could be put to better use. So when I was returning to nursing full-time, I knew I wanted a position that would allow me to really care for the patient both physically and emotionally….which naturally let me to Gilchrist.

In the short amount of time the Ladies’ Home Journal article has been available to the public, the response has been overwhelming. My hope is this article will reach families struggling with the hospice decision, as well as open the eyes of doctors who resist the hospice referral “too early.”  My patients and families are the true angels in this story. I merely guide them through their journey.

It was a pleasure working with Diana and Monica  and I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I have to admit I cried as well reading the finished product. It took me back to Linda’s living room and our last goodbye. It’s such a powerful article.

One thought on “Never in a million years

  1. Jill – you are awesome! I had no idea that you were an OR nurse! I too was an OR nurse for about 12 years. Loved it, but I find Hospice Nursing so much more satisfying and rewarding!!

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