A unique love

Nora Brunner, Clinical Manager, Gilchrist Baltimore Central Team

People ask, “How can you do this job?”

I say, “How can I not?”

I have the privilege to work as the Manager for Gilchrist’s Baltimore Central Team– an interdisciplinary hospice care team that serve our patients and families who reside in Baltimore City. Every day, this team is challenged to “think outside of the box” when it comes to meeting the patient’s basic needs. You see, for many, resources are scarce and these team members use their own money to provide food, toiletries and other small necessities to these patients and their families.

This wonderful display of kindness on the part of Gilchrist’s Baltimore Central Team allows them to create a special and unique love for their patients and families. They are invited to share “moments” in their patient’s lives — often at a time of need and fear as the patient faces the complex emotions that accompany a terminal diagnosis. It is amazing to witness how well these patients and families pull together in the middle of uncertainty. And it is a privilege to be a part of it.

One member of the Baltimore Central Team sums up our collective feelings about our patients and families that reside in Baltimore City very well:

 “Even with so little, they have so much to give.”

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