Celebrating National Volunteer Week with Comfort, Love and Respect

DebbieJones_blogThe below poem clearly represents the theme for this year’s National Volunteer Week message; Comfort – Love – Respect.  Each  of our volunteers brings comfort to our patients, caregivers and loved ones by being a presence, offering respite care, running an errand, reading a story or playing a board game and so much more.  Each one of our volunteers brings love by giving a hug, providing a loving touch, or offering a listening ear.  Each one of our volunteers brings respect to those we serve by being non-judgmental, accepting individual personalities, attitudes, values and beliefs.  To say THANK YOU is not enough for all they do to help Gilchrist Hospice Care provide the finest in end of life care and continue the circle of care by meeting the unique needs of our patients and their families.




We enter their lives, their homes

At a time of such turmoil and sadness

And we witness to the most remarkable people that ever were.


We enter their homes, their lives

And marvel and wonder at what we see

And are touched by their courage and their willingness to share.


We enter their lives and their homes

Hoping to make a difference in the time that is left

Yet knowing all the time that in reality, they will make such a

difference in our lives, that we will never be the same.


We enter their homes, their lives

And try to imagine how it would be if things were reversed

And we would be opening up our lives to a complete stranger on a

journey that we did not choose to take.


The entering – a reverent time

When we offer ourselves and we connect

When we are saddened but also privileged and somewhat in awe

That we are permitted to witness the human spirit at its finest.


Author unknown


With grateful hearts the entire staff of Gilchrist Hospice Care extends their deep appreciation to our volunteers for their untiring efforts and dedication to our organization.

More information about Gilchrist Volunteers or to become a volunteer.

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