What’s it like being a twin?

Tina Maggio, Clinical Manager at Gilchrist Center
Tina Maggio, Clinical Manager at Gilchrist Center

It’s funny when people ask Gina and I what it is like being a twin. I do not really know how to answer that since I do not know anything different. What I can say is that I always had a friend, someone to confide in and someone who was always on my side through thick and thin. The fact that we love our job – which allows us to provide hospice care to patients and their families – is an extra bonus.

In the past few months, Gina and I have had some recognition through a newspaper article in the Baltimore Sun and more recently were filmed for a short video for the BBC. We are certainly honored to have had the experience and to share with local and international audiences what exceptional services Gilchrist Hospice Care provides. However, unlike with the BBC video that focused more on our work with our hospice patients and their families and what we do for them every day, we were disappointed that the newspaper article focused more on the fact that we are twins.

There’s no denying what a unique and special bond twins share. And while it is a big part of who we are, it’s not all we are. We are first and foremost, dedicated to hospice and the patients and families we serve. Being a twin definitely has its benefits in that we both have the same work ethic of wanting to do our best. For instance, Gina can start a project and I can finish it or vice versa. But we love our jobs and simply want everyone to know that hospice is about living and how quality of life can be enhanced by hospice for those that are terminally ill.

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