Oh what is a Home Hospice Aide…..

Crystal Brown - Ukah,  Gilchrist Hospice Care, Home Health Aide Clinical Lead
Crystal Brown – Ukah,
Gilchrist Hospice Care,
Home Health Aide Clinical Lead

A professional with a spirit of excellence with a unique flare to personal care. A hospice aide is someone who can meet the needs of the patient as well as the family while incorporating it all within the plan of care.

So I ask the question… ” what is most important to you today?” Yes, I can wash your hair while you watch let’s make a deal. In our conversations during the commercial is where I learn that she didn’t sleep well last night, she had shortness of breath and pain issues while walking to her bedroom. She is worried about her husband and thinks that he needs to get out more and spend more time with his friends.. He needs self-care from her perspective.

The hospice aide touches all aspects of the family and patient care. The hospice aide is a vital part of the team, the aide is like the thumb to the hand. It is necessary for proper movement.

Clinically we report pain to the nurse, Socially we report concerns that may require community resource or referrals to the social workers, Spiritually we are in tune with the changing emotional status and decreased faith, A volunteer maybe needed just to give the family a break. Physically we listen and notice the signs that a shower may be too much or a walk unsafe which may require a referral for physical therapy. All of these areas are on the dashboard of the Gilchrist Hospice Aide. We spend precious time with our patients and family and are able to be the eyes and the ears of the team, able to tip-off the nurse, social worker, or spiritual support when needed.

We… are Gilchrist Hospice Aides!

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