National Nurses Week


Every day, Gilchrist Hospice Care nurses engage in a delicate balancing act, working to address the many wants and needs of their individual patients and families, as well as the demands of regulatory and quality reporting. To do this, hospice nurses must rely on their training and experience in the field, their critical thinking and their time management skills.

Despite the demands that come with the job, our nurses are able to present a calming and gentle presence in the homes of their patients. They are able to educate and counsel, to console and guide the way during dark times for their patients and families. Their passion is palpable, their compassion fully on display.

Often, our nurses are asked how they can continue to care for patients knowing that there is no medical cure and that death is inevitable? What drives their passion and dedication? How did they know they wanted to work in hospice?

On this National Nurses’ Week, we’re going to strive to answer those questions through the words and experiences of our amazing nurses. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can hear their thoughts and stories.

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