Day one in Tanzania

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing updates from Gilchrist’s team visiting our partner in Tanzania. Included in the team is Cathy Hamel, Gilchrist’s Executive Director; Wayne Barth, Gilchrist’s Controller; and Robin Stocksdale, Gilchrist’s Bereavement Outreach and Project Manager.
“Greetings from Tanzania:
The weather is beautiful, and we’re getting a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.
Cathy, Wayne and I are doing well in Tanzania. When we arrived at the airport, they took us to the guest house in the new ambulance we bought for them!  It is beautiful, and large, and accommodated twelve of us sitting on the benches that lined the walls of the ambulance bed. Later, we had dinner with the members of the Palliative Care Staff, and met the new Palliative Care Coordinator. We also met the new hospital matron. 
PC and NK teamWe delivered the supplies to them, including wound care supplies, gloves, pulse oximeters, glucose monitors, and also the iPad mini that the Rotary Club of Hunt Valley donated to them. Also the comfort dolls that our volunteers made, and that people have bought and donated back for us to  bring to children in Tanzania. Also we gave them knitted caps for the children made by a local church, since it is cooler there as they are in the rainy season.
We also met with Bishop Paolo Akyoo, and the General Secretary for the diocese LoeRose Mbise and the palliative care team to hear more about their vision for a potential palliative care building.  Then it was off to see the land, and then shopping at the Masaai market to buy new merchandise for our traveling store to raise more funds. What an experience! 
Tonight we’re off to dinner at Dr. Bakari’s home with the palliative care team. Tomorrow we’ll go to the prayer service with the children at the Usa River Rehab Center, then to Arusha to meet with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania’s Palliative Care team, tour a larger hospital and PC program.
Hope all is well there.
Robin, Cathy and Wayne”

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