Day Two in Tanzania

Greetings from Tanzania!
We are on day two of our time in Tanzania. We are staying at the Usa River Rehabilitation Center guest house. We started our day at a prayer service at the chapel of the rehab center, and enjoyed hearing the children sing. For more information about the center, go to
Meeting at ELCT
Meeting at ELCT

Our next stop after breakfast was to go to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania’s office in Arusha. There we met with Dr. Paul Mbando, a very talented leader who is the Manager of the ELCT’s Palliative Care Program and others in leadership at ELCT, as well as the Nkoaranga Palliative Care team. It was a very fruitful meeting, and we talked for several hours about the development of palliative care in Tanzania and the vision for the future for not only our partner, Nkoaranga, but also for all of Tanzania. They served us Tanzanian tea, samosas, and chapati.

 Mission and Vision
We are attaching a picture of our colleagues at the meeting as well as a photo of the ELCT Mission and Vision – very inspiring.
Afterwards, we drove to Selian Hospice, which is in partnership with Denver Hospice to learn about their program’s successes. It was a long but productive day of meetings and we missed lunch, so Cathy, Wayne and I went to the cafe at the rehab center and had brownies and milk shakes.
Then we had dinner at the home of Jeremiah Saruni Kaaya, the Administrator for Nkoaranga who many of the Gilchrist staff met when he traveled to visit us in 2013. He is doing very well, and is planning on retiring in December 2015.
To learn about the East African food we are eating, go to
Tomorrow we meet with the Diocese of Meru, ELCT, Nkoaranga Palliative Care and the hospital, then go on home visits.
We’ll write more tomorrow – thank you for your support and good wishes for here in Tanzania!
Robin, Cathy and Wayne

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